Admissions: Coordinated Program in Dietetics

Students may apply to the USF CPD during their sophomore year. If all admission requirements are met, students will begin the supervised practice experiences during the junior year and complete both remaining class work and the supervised practicum rotations throughout the senior year.

Admission into the Coordinated Program in Dietetics is limited. Applications will be reviewed and recommended by the Review Committee, Department of Exercise Science and Health. Seven students will be admitted each fall. The minimum criteria for admission include:

  1. Academic Record: An overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or higher is required to apply. Also, a B in all nutrition classes (NTRN 215, 250, 275, 325 and 332) is required.  Once accepted, additional grade requirements are specified under the requirements for continuing in the program.
  2. Pre-Admission Exam: A test covering information related to prerequisite courses is part of the admission process. Scores will be ranked in consideration with grades and other requirements.
  3. Other Criteria: Each applicant must submit the following: a completed application form, a resume, a formal letter of application, a self-evaluation form, evaluation forms from two references, and official transcripts of all college courses.

The academic performance of any student earning a grade of less than a B in any of the courses listed above will necessitate the student repeating the course. A course may not be taken more than twice, and a maximum of two different courses may be repeated for the applicant to be considered for admission to the CPD and continuance in the program, once a student is admitted to the program. If a grade is not corrected to policy requirements upon repeating a course, the student will not be considered for admission or will be withdrawn from the CPD.

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