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“As a working professional, I really appreciate St. Francis’ flexibility. Both Professor Moellering and Weidman have been extremely helpful and exceptional to work with. I’m really looking for to my next few years there as a dietetic student.”

Alyssa Weiseman, RDN, CFSP
Class of 2017

Nutrition is a diverse, dynamic and growing area of study that includes courses from science, behavioral sciences and management strategies with a solid foundation in liberal education. This major provides a high-quality curriculum to prepare graduates for success in a variety of careers related to nutrition and food or to continue for advanced studies.

Students are trained to work with people, families and the community to enhance quality of life. Graduates are prepared for careers in community agencies, educational institutions, corporate wellness programs, personal training/consulting and health/fitness clubs.


At USF, you have the option to choose one of two concentrations when pursuing a B.S. in Nutrition. Following are the specifics:

Health Promotion

  • Coursework to apply nutrition education for disease prevention & management
  • Community partners to offer service-learning opportunities

Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD)

  • Required minimum 1200 hours of supervised practice experience completed in multiple northeast Indiana locations
  • Eligible to sit for the national Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Exam at conclusion of degree
  • Note: Special admission criteria required

Academic Roadmap

The academic roadmap will give you a general idea of what each year will be like. The Coordinated Program in Dietetics and Health Promotion concentration have specific degree requirements and the curriculum plans offer a year-by-year breakdown of courses.


Laying the Foundation

Students will focus on general education coursework including anatomy and physiology as well as the introduction to the science of nutrition.

Core Courses
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Nutrition


CPD Concentration

Students will continue to work through the general education coursework that lays a foundation for the knowledge competencies required of an entry level registered dietitian nutritionist. Students will apply and be selected for the Coordinated Program in Dietetics the fall of the sophomore year and begin the CPD in the fall of the junior year.

Health Promotion Concentration

Students will work with their nutrition advisor to determine their area of nutrition and health promotion interest so a plan of course selection can best meet those interests. Students will also have several opportunities to become involved with area health promotion initiatives.


CPD Concentration

Students will continue to work on the nutritional science courses as well as be encouraged to become involved with area professional groups. The summer between students’ Junior and Senior year will involve the first practicum experience in food service management rotations.

Health Promotion Concentration

Students will continue to work through their health promotion/nutrition coursework, volunteer opportunities, and exposure to a variety of opportunities that are available after graduation. Students will have chances to mentor incoming students.


CPD Concentration

Students will focus their time working with area Registered Dietitian Nutritionists completing the required practicum hours. Medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, and special interest rotations are the areas where students will complete these hours. Once students have completed all the practicum hours and coursework they will be eligible to sit for the national Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Exam.


Health Promotion Concentration

Students will continue to finish the health promotion/nutrition classes as well as participate in service learning and/or internship opportunities. If students are planning to attend graduate school this will be the time to apply and finalize plans toward this goal.

Learn by Doing

“Students come away from their time at USF more confident in their choice of major, excited about the field of nutrition, and better equipped to work with others in a professional setting.”

Beverly Moellering
CPD Program Director

Classroom education is only one piece of the puzzle. We believe an education is only as good as its practical application. During your time at USF, you will be challenged with hands-on assignments, projects and internships. With access to a state-of-the-art Foods Lab, you’ll learn in an active setting, participate in lab and fieldwork activities, and gain hands-on, real-world experience related to nutrition and dietetics.

This practical education experience helps students develop a realistic approach toward securing employment in their chosen profession. These practical experiences provide the essential bridge between theory and practice and/or administration in Nutrition related areas.

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Outside the Classroom

There are many ways outside of coursework to become engaged in the study of health, exercise science, and nutrition. The KAN Club is an extracurricular opportunity to meet peers, develop academically, and network with professionals in the community. The purpose of KAN Club is to encourage career exploration, raise campus awareness about exercise and nutrition, and provide a place of connection for students pursuing the same majors. Students are also encouraged to become involved in local and state professional organizations.

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