Health & Exercise Science

A student observing a V)2 Max test being performed on a stationary bike

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science program will prepare you to become an exercise specialist whether you choose a healthcare, a fitness training and management, athletics-related career or a health promotion career. Your concentration, either in health and wellness or kinesiology, will allow you to select courses that prepare you for the career or graduate program you wish to pursue.

“All of my instructors were extremely qualified in their given fields, setting a strong foundation for my career. Many of my professors became much more than that, as I now regard many as mentors, friends, and colleagues.”

Drew McCool-Solis, ’12
Doctor of Physical Therapy at Results Physiotherapy, Georgetown, TX

As a Health and Exercise Science student, you’ll start out shadowing professionals to help solidify your career choice. You’ll also act as a client for upperclassmen so you’ll know what you can come to expect. Toward the end of the program, you will be assigned individual clients, for whom you will develop and deliver personally prescribed training plans.


The B.S. in Health and Exercise Science prepares students for a variety of career possibilities. By completing one of the following two concentrations, students tailor their education to the career they are pursuing.

Health & Wellness

  • Coursework options include business, nutrition, health topics, coaching, fitness/rehab topics
  • Excellent choice for students interested in rehab, coaching, fitness training, marketing and management
  • Suitable for graduate programs in education, business and strength and conditioning


  • Coursework to meet pre-requisites for graduate school
  • Excellent choice for students preparing for grad school in Physical Therapy, Occupational therapy, Chiropractic, Athletic Training, or Kinesiology

Many students choose to double major, with the most popular choice being an associate’s degree in Physical Therapy Assistant Studies with a bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science. Others have chosen second majors in Radiologic Technology, Surgical Technology, Psychology, Biology and Science and Entrepreneurship.

When we started the program about a decade ago, our hope was to help students meet the prerequisites for Physical Therapy graduate programs. That was just the beginning. To date, our alumni have completed graduate programs in Physician’s Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic, Psychology, MBA, Education, and Kinesiology, in addition to the many Doctors of Physical Therapy who call our department their starting point.

Academic Roadmap

The academic roadmap will give you a general idea of what each year will be like. Each program has specific degree requirements and the curriculum plans offer a year-by-year breakdown of courses.


Laying the Foundation

Students will be introduced to Exercise Science in the introductory course and focus on general education coursework and prerequisites to upper level classes.

Core Courses
  • Intro to Exercise Science
  • Human Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Medical Terminology


Students dig right in to the heart of the degree with courses including Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology Health Communication and Stress Management. These courses immerse students in practical lab experience and active classroom experiences.

  • Physics or Chemistry
  • Exercise Physiology
Health and Wellness
  • Business, Coaching or Psychology
  • Exercise Physiology


By this time students are ready to apply knowledge and skills to practice in Exercise Prescription and Exercise Science Practicum. Kinesiology Concentration students will continue their science courses and explore potential graduate programs and schools. Health and Wellness Concentration students will continue with concentration and minor courses of interest.

  • Chemistry or Physics
  • Exercise Prescription and Practicum
Health and Wellness
  • Personal Training or Adapted Physical Education
  • Exercise Prescription and Practicum


Seniors complete a 200-hour internship at a site that will best suit their needs for graduate school or career choices. They will participate in the project based Health Promotion class as their capstone experience. Typically, seniors finish up the last few general education classes, concentration courses and select and elective or two of interest.

  • Internship
  • Health Promotion
Health and Wellness
  • Internship
  • Health Promotion

A student and professor observe an exercise science test being performed by two other students

Learn by Doing

Classroom education is only one piece of the puzzle. Practical educational experience helps students develop a realistic approach toward securing employment in their chosen profession. Students learn motivational interviewing and cultural competence skills by practicing in and out of the classroom. Most of your core classes are activity or project based, so you’ll practice and improve your skills on a regular basis, in a state-of-the-art lab or our fitness facilities. You’ll gain hands-on, real-world experience in your chosen career through fieldwork and internship opportunities. Our students plan and complete health promotion projects which are great service learning experiences and resume fodder.

Outside the Classroom

Learning occurs both in and outside the classroom. There are many ways outside of coursework to get engaged in the study of Health and Exercise Science. The KAN Club is an extracurricular opportunity to meet peers and develop academically. The purpose of KAN Club is to encourage career exploration in the areas of exercise science, health, and nutrition, and to raise community and campus awareness about fitness and nutrition. Students can gain valuable, paid experience through job opportunities in fitness venues that are posted regularly on the KAN community web page. Work study positions in the fitness center are also available to eligible students. Additionally, seminars and lectures on topics that impact the health and exercise science community are available and students are encouraged to attend.

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